You will be introduced to a wide range of modeling concepts, as well as the types of questions you should ask as you develop a business information model to be used on any Kalido project. As you progress through the course exercises, you use BIM to build a business model from scratch. BIM models are not required to be deployed to Kalido Information Engine applications, but in the course you ultimately deploy your model to Kalido DIW. The topics covered are relevant to business models for both Kalido DIW and Kalido MDM.

Who Should Attend

Team members involved in virtually any aspect of a Kalido project. This includes information architects, system developers, administrators, data modelers, business analysts and key business sponsors.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn a practical approach to Business Information Modeling with Kalido. By the end of the course, you will also have in-depth knowledge on how BIM assists you in designing, deploying and managing your business information model when you use it in support of DIW or MDM.

You get one week of unlimited access to a personal, dedicated, cloud-based training environment which includes:

  • Underlying infrastructure and access to all components of the Kalido Information Engine required to complete the course
  • A Training Center application that prepares the environment for each exercise and validates the successful execution of each exercise
  • A second ‘solution’ environment to enable you to see the expected results of the course exercises
  • An online chat facility with remote environment sharing to connect you with an expert in our world-class support organization (available Monday to Friday for all hours except between 5pm and 10:30pm US Eastern Time)

In the Virtual Classroom you get:

  • Perpetual access to a series of instructional videos and other course collateral
  • Free access to new modules as they are added to the course, enabling you to get current on the latest content. (Note: This excludes access to new training courses which Kalido will be providing to facilitate education on dedicated subjects).

Topics Covered

The Fundamentals of Business Information Modeling course covers a wide variety of modeling concepts, including:

  • Common data integration and analytics project pitfalls, and how using a business information model can prevent them
  • What a business information model is, some of its key features, and how it differs from a data model
  • Modeling Activities and Business Context
  • Unbalanced Hierarchies
  • Business Entity Identification
  • Modeling Groups
  • Physical Configuration
  • Model Deployment
  • Managing Models for Team Collaboration

You should plan to spend about 8 hours to complete the course.


  • Basic understanding of the Kalido Approach (learn about it by self-enrolling in the Virtual Classroom free tutorial)
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows environment


Get free access to video tutorials in the Virtual Classroom.

Topics include:

Driving Better BI with Kalido

The Kalido Approach

Business Information Modeler

MDM Consumer

Universal Information Director

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