Managing Enterprise Data as an Asset

Beyond implementing our own software solutions, Magnitude Software’s Strategy Consultants work hand-in-hand with you to address the holistic Enterprise Information Management landscape.

Evaluating “as-is” information architectures and developing roadmaps to achieve the “to-be” state enables you to maximize the value of your information assets and gain competitive advantage in your market. Continuous improvement in the quality and governance of data assets is an imperative in today’s hyper-competitive business world – Better data yields better business decisions.

EIM Strategy Consulting offerings include:

  • BI Strategy and Adoption Planning
  • Data Warehouse Architecture Design Best Practices
  • Analytical and Operational MDM Strategy and Design
  • Analytical and Operational Business Intelligence Strategy and design
  • Information Architecture Assessment and Roadmap Planning
  • Data Governance Planning

Read more about each of these offerings below:

BI Strategy & Adoption Planning

A comprehensive BI strategy can unlock the hidden value in your Enterprise Information Management assets.  Magnitude Software’s expert consultants will work hand-in-hand with your business and IT teams to understand your business performance objectives and propose a business intelligence strategy that will help your organization meet those goals.

Architecture and integration strategies are often not enough.  Business users must buy into the approach and adopt the BI solution as their trusted source of information to facilitate better decision-making.  Our experience in business-led operational and analytical information initiatives enables us to establish a trusted, collaborative relationship between business users and the providers of information management solutions.  Through our facilitation and introduction of a highly collaborative approach, solution adoption can be greatly accelerated, significantly reducing the time-to-value of your BI Strategy, as well as avoiding many of the risks in order to ensure your BI project is a success.

Data Warehouse Architecture Design Best Practices

Magnitude Software’s expertise in the Enterprise Information Management solution space goes beyond our industry leading software.  Through hundreds of data warehouse implementations, our consulting team has amassed a knowledge base of architecture and design best practices across a variety of use cases, industries, and companies of all sizes.  Our consultants are equipped to assess, document, communicate, and implement best practices for architecture and design suited to meet your data warehousing needs head on.

Whether your requirements are for an Operational Data Store, Enterprise Data Warehouse, or Data Marts, our expertise in understanding your business and mapping a solution to meet your business objectives lays the foundation for a roadmap to data warehouse success.

Our consultants possess a thorough understanding of metadata management, conformed data warehouse, star schema, snowflake schema, hybrid models, slowly changing dimensions, BI tool semantic layers and many other aspects of data warehousing practices to ensure the right solution is mapped to your business model and information needs.

Analytical and Operational MDM Strategy and Design

Whether viewed as a component of your analytical infrastructure or a key driver of operational business process efficiency, Master and Reference Data Management is essential to any Enterprise Information Management or Data Governance strategy.

Having the right information available at the right time to the right people provides competitive advantage in our information-driven market place today.  Our consultants are well-equipped to assess and communicate the impact that poor quality data has on the efficiency of operational process as well as the effect on making the right business decision.

Complete strategy and solution designs take into account the integration of upstream and downstream operational systems and impact to business processes as well as integration with your analytical reporting solutions.

Delivering consistent and accurate data is on the critical path to making better business decisions.

Analytical and Operational BI Strategy and Design

Magnitude Software Business Intelligence Experts understand that a complete BI solution encompasses both Analytical and Operational information requirements.  The need for high-quality historical data analysis to identify patterns against which real-time operational data can be compared is an enabler of the agile business enterprise.

Our BI Strategists will develop an agile, flexible architecture that will help you to understand “what happened,” “why did it happen,” and “is it happening now” so that you can make the right decisions and develop the right processes to drive “what happens next.”

Our experts will:

  • Architect solutions to fulfill complex reporting requirements such as multidimensional hierarchies, master data management, and integration of multiple data sources
  • Design your BI environment in a proven and consistent manner so that the metadata, reporting tool, and documentation are all synchronized and consistent
  • Align strategy dashboards with your business objectives
  • Create operational reports to highlight critical activities requiring immediate action be taken
  • Build sophisticated tools such as snapshots and aggregate facts to enable strategic trending and historical analysis

Information Architecture Assessment and Roadmap Planning

Effectively implementing an enterprise-wide business intelligence solution is a daunting task that requires years of experience in a variety of business environments.  With the collective experience and knowledge gained through hundreds of project implementations, Magnitude Software’s consultants are uniquely equipped to employ industry best practices to design a solution that will meet your complex, rapidly evolving requirements.  Data architect services are environment agnostic and not restricted to Magnitude Software products.  Furthermore, services are scalable from introducing a simple hierarchy into an already mature BI model to architecting a fully secured and documented BI environment spanning multiple data sources and subject areas.

Typical Architecture Assessment and Roadmap Planning engagements cover:

  • Assessment of current requirements and technical environment
  • Design an appropriate BI roadmap that is scalable and able to adapt rapidly to change
  • Looking beyond the level of single applications and focus on the sum of your enterprise’s data to create a straightforward, reusable integration solution
  • Identify gaps in components, skill sets, and documentation required to fully satisfy your BI needs
  • Outline out an optimal data security architecture using a metadata driven approach
  • Review and address performance challenges, both as individual problems and periodically to address natural degradation as data volumes grow

Data Governance Planning

Establishing the right framework for Data Governance aligned with your Enterprise Information Management strategy can be a daunting task.  The experts at Magnitude Software can assist by aligning your Data Governance program with information management initiatives to foster greater adoption and measurable outcomes.

Continuous improvement of business process and data quality are important components to ensuring that your governance framework is taking root within your enterprise.  The cultural shift that must take place to institute policies and principles of data governance must be well-managed as the culture of governance evolves.  Tangible, measurable results tied to knowledge workers responsible for policy compliance must be established and the reasons for compliance clearly communicated.

Magnitude Software’s consultative approach fosters collaboration between the business owners of information and the IT teams engaged to manage that information.  Data stewards are empowered to affect change resulting in better outcomes, more rapid adoption, and an ongoing culture of governance as “business as usual.”


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