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Kalido Information Engine and Master Data Management solutions are integral parts of your information management infrastructure and business decision-making processes.  These are critical components to your company’s ability to operate at peak performance and need to be managed as diligently as your most valuable enterprise assets.

Magnitude Software’s Kalido experts are available to ensure that your system continues to improve after the initial Go-Live.  Our consultants can be engaged to provide short term advisory services to enable you to derive the greatest value from your Kalido Information Assets.

Our advisory and customization services include:

  • On Demand Expert Advisory Services for Kalido Best Practices
  • Retainer-based Architecture and Advisory Services
  • Troubleshooting, Performance and Tuning Services
  • Health Checks and Upgrade Planning Services
  • Upgrade and Migration Services
  • Hyper-care for Short-Term, Post Go-Live Operations

Read more about these services below.

On Demand Advisory Services for Kalido Best Practices

Your experienced team may need expert consultation from time to time, but not enough to warrant a full time project engagement.  Magnitude Software’s On Demand consulting services enable you to set up a budgeted set of hours and use them only when needed to answer the difficult questions.

What’s the best method to use to model this new requirement?  What type of object should I use to get the best performance?  How do I use Access Control Lists to ensure the right level of security?  Questions such as these and many more can be answered by our consultants in a short amount of time.  Our consultants can be engaged in hourly increments and you are only charged for the time used.

Retainer-based Architecture and Advisory Services

For more frequent consultative advice Magnitude Software offers Retainer-based services.  These services set a schedule of hours for a limited time to facilitate knowledge sharing and best practice advice.  Engagements of this nature are ideally suited to those organizations that are new to Kalido or are embarking on a new project to expand their footprint and seek to have a sounding board for best practices and architecture advice.

The engagements are structured to span a fixed amount of time, typically 6 – 12 months with a maximum number of hours that can be utilized each week.  Clients coordinate with a named consultant to schedule a set time on a weekly basis and often provide the consultant with the weekly topics in advance to maximize the use of that time.

Access to expertise on a regular basis serves to accelerate your team’s ramp up on best practices, resulting in higher quality of deliverables and greater self-sufficiency.

Troubleshooting, Performance and Tuning Services

Data warehouses and master data management implementations are complex. Finding the root cause of problems or slowly performing loads and queries requires expertise.  Magnitude Software’s Kalido consultants offer solutions to these problems. By remotely accessing your systems or working closely with your team, our consultants will rapidly pinpoint the source of the issues and propose solutions to resolve them.

Periodic load failures, poorly performing loads or query definitions, or migration failures can all be diagnosed with the help of our consulting services without having to engage in an on-site project.

Health Checks and Upgrade Planning Services

Periodic reviews and preventative maintenance will help to keep your Kalido environments running at peak performance. Magnitude Software’s Kalido Consultants can perform periodic health checks to identify potential trouble spots before they begin to affect your system’s performance.

The Health Check Services typically span 7 – 10 days and result in a written report of the overall health of your Kalido environments and recommendations for architectural or best practice applications that will help to ensure the stability and performance of your systems.

It is important to keep your Kalido software up to date to ensure you are taking advantage of the latest features and performance enhancements.  Our consultants can assist with planning your upgrade to ensure minimal downtime.

Upgrade and Migration Services

Many organizations run with very lean operations staff.  To fill the gap this can cause, Magnitude Software consultants can be engaged to perform software upgrades or migrations of new components that your team has built.  These services allow your team to focus on new and expanding business requirements and reduces the need to have operational staff to be trained on the specifics of Kalido upgrade and migrations techniques.

Hyper-care for Short Term Operations Support Post Go-Live

Once your Kalido environments are ready to Go-Live, an operational support program needs to be in place.  While many of our customers engage with Magnitude Software’s Managed Services team to provide this support, we offer an alternative to those that desire to keep operational control in house.

Our Hyper-care services are designed to provide full operational support for a short duration while your operational support team comes up to speed and takes over.  These 1 – 3 month services contracts establish remote monitoring, trouble shooting, and the necessary care and feeding of your Kalido environments while offering knowledge transfer to your operational support team.


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