Our Data Warehouse Automation solution delivers business value in 90 days or less

If you think a data warehouse has to take years to build, cost millions, and will struggle to keep pace with your evolving business, think again.

The Magnitude Information Engine enables customers to deploy and maintain a data warehouse much faster than traditional hand-coded data integration methods. Automation, agility and speed are the hallmarks of our technology.

We offer a top-down, requirements-driven business information modeling solution, coupled with significant automation in all phases of data warehouse design, build and operation, automating much more than what you get from simple code generators.

Your data warehouse can always be up to date with your business. Kalido business models adapt to changing requirements in hours, rather than weeks or months typical in traditional data warehouse architectures.

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The Magnitude Information Engine also lets you regain control of IT costs, improve data consistency, and enhance your ability to uncover business insights. Its automation frees up your team to work on other tasks, and model reuse saves cost and accelerates continued expansion. And, the Kalido Information Engine includes an embedded master and reference data management capability to ensure accurate and consistent hierarchies and dimension data when integrating information from many operational sources.

As a result, business people get exactly the information they need, when they need it, to enable agile and accurate decision making.


Kalido Information Engine features and benefits include:

Top-Down Model-Driven

  • Models provide a common language for better business & IT collaboration to better meet business intelligence, discovery and analysis needs.
  • Iterative prototyping more rapidly captures current requirements and reduces project risk.
  • Reusable model components promote consistency across applications and accelerate delivery of subsequent projects.

Automation for Faster Time-to-Value

  • Automated end-to-end design, build, and operation reduces manual effort which saves costs and accelerates time-to-value.
  • Significantly reduces dependency on manual programming for data integration tasks, accelerating development and saving costs.
  • Integrated workflow-driven master data stewardship and governance delivers the highest quality data.

Embraces and Manages Change

  • Easily update models and automation tasks to rapidly meet new requirements, such as adding new data sources, or as the result of re-organizations and M&A activity, to keep the warehouse up to date.
  • Fully documented so you always know what’s in your data warehouse.
  • Corporate memory capability enables any views as of any point in time for easy time-variant comparison and analysis.

Kalido’s ability to deliver faster comes from our model-driven automation. Read more about how we can enable you to deliver business value faster from your data warehouse initiative.

Ready to see it in action? Check out our video-based demonstrations for a view into how Kalido does it.


"With Kalido, we're actually solving business problems as we build the data warehouse."

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Success Stories

Learn how our customers are using Kalido Information Engine to deliver higher quality master and reference data for operational and analytical systems.

Leading Mortgage Bank
Imperial Brands
Royal Dutch Shell
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Delivering clean, accurate, and consistent master data
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But it isn’t enough to simply get clean data – you need to keep it clean, too. And the best way to keep data clean is to proactively engage the people who know the most about the data in the process.

Forrester, a leading independent technology and market research company, has cited Kalido MDM as a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management Solutions, Q1 2016. According to the Forrester Wave report author, Senior Analyst Michele Goetz, “The Kalido MDM tool makes master data management (MDM) easy for data stewards and subject matter experts (SME).”

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