Magnitude Software Introduces Kalido Information Engine Version 9.1 SP1

New release includes advancements to improve productivity and to further accelerate time to value.

AUSTIN, Texas – Dec. 19, 2014 –Magnitude Software, a leading provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software, today introduced version 9.1 SP1 of the Kalido Information Engine. This newest release includes a number of advancements to improve productivity, enhance simplicity, and increase performance to further speed time to value. “Magnitude Software’s vision is to accelerate and automate the end-to-end process of integrating, managing and analyzing information to support business decision making, while reducing operational cost and risk,” said Jeff Kerr, product manager at Magnitude Software. “With version 9.1 SP1, we continue to focus on enabling our customers to provide critical business value in less time at lower costs.” The Magnitude Information Engine enables customers to deliver on a wide range of information management initiatives, including data warehousing and master data management (MDM). For MDM, key advancements include:

  • Improved overall user experience for MDM providers, including graphical workflowvisualization, a time-series view of master data subjects, expanded search and sort capability, along with a host of additional user productivity features.
  • Embedded Apache Tomcat web server is now delivered pre-configured with Kalido MDM,eliminating the need to separately purchase, install, and administer the web server, which reduces resources and costs.
  • Distributed caching that speeds provider UI performance, and enhanced set-based validations toensure greater scalability on bulk updates.
  • Web-based user, group, and security management to simplify and streamline administrationtasks.

For data warehousing, new version 9.1 SP1 capabilities enable delivery teams to meet business requirements while reducing time spent on routine implementation tasks. Major new enhancements include:

  • New model-driven automation capabilities in managing metadata for derived transactiondatasets and building business intelligence tool semantic layers.
  • Reduced maintenance and administration overhead through a new streamlined upgradeprocess.
  • Additional automation in managing migrations and deployments to reduce overall datawarehouse implementation time, effort, and risk.

“To compete in today’s dynamic marketplaces requires the adoption of proactive management processes, and effective automation for modern analytical environments,” said John Myers, managing research director for the Business Intelligence practice at research and consulting firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “Based on survey results published by EMA in November, automation is playing an increasingly important role in delivering business value in IT initiatives. Bringing that level of automation to analytical environments will increase the level of competitive advantage for organizations of all industries and sizes.” The Magnitude Information Engine version 9.1 SP1 is now generally available.